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See the future with Lumion 2023

The new Lumion 2023 marks the beginning of a new era for 3D architectural visualization.

Take a look at Lumion 2023.

With Lumion, you can transform any 3D model into an experience others can see and feel.

Easily add context, detail, and atmosphere to your visualizations. With one-touch controls and a diverse content library of materials, objects, characters, and nature items, Lumion gives you all you need to breathe life into your designs.

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With Lumion 2023

Simplify your workflow

It doesn‚Äôt matter what CAD or 3D modeling software you use‚ÄďLumion fits seamlessly into your workflow and empowers you to drive design decisions faster and with full confidence.

Model and render in real-time with the Lumion LiveSync plug-in, available for all major CAD software. You can make changes on the fly, quickly test ideas, and visualize your designs at any point in their development process.

Go beyond form and function

Surround your designs with atmosphere and emotion. Transition from a sunny morning to a rainy afternoon or a starry night.

In just a few clicks, you can instantly change the mood and explore your designs under different light, skies, or weather conditions.

Communicate your unique style

Show your designs the way you want them to be seen.

Lumion makes it surprisingly easy to add a personal touch to your design presentations that otherwise would take hours to create.

Whether you prefer a conceptual style or a realistic visualization, you have full creative control of the rendering process.


High-speed, high-quality Results

Whether you have 7 hours or 7 minutes, it’s refreshingly simple to create stunning images, videos, and 360 panoramas that capture the life and beauty of your designs.

From the first design evaluation to the big client presentation, Lumion’s fast rendering speed enables you to incorporate visualizations at any phase, creating a visual foundation that helps everyone feel invested.


The best of both worlds


Lumion 2023 is the epitome of an immense foundational shift. With a wholly redesigned render engine at Lumion’s core, we’ve integrated the strengths of both rasterization and ray tracing to allow you to achieve greater realistic renderings without the extra hassle.

Introducing ray tracing v0.9

Add realistic light, shadows, and reflections to your renderings at the touch of a button. The new ray tracing effect in Lumion lets you control the number of samples and bounces, giving you more control over the final result. With ray tracing switched on, your renderings will automatically show realistic indirect lighting, non-screen space reflections, contact shadows, and much more.

The scope of the new ray tracing effect will continue to be expanded and new additions will be easily made available thanks to the new software updater included in Lumion 2023. To learn more about how ray tracing works and its current limitations, please check the release notes.

Full PBR material workflow

In Lumion 2023, the quality of existing PBR (physically-based rendering) materials is higher than ever. With the brand-new ray tracing effect enabled, the interaction between light and each surface results in ultra-realistic textures. You can also import your own textures or combine different maps to create the exact look you want.

The scope of the new ray tracing effect will continue to be expanded and new additions will be easily made available thanks to the new software updater included in Lumion 2023. To learn more about how ray tracing works and its current limitations, please check the release notes.

Material library

New metalness map is now available.


Subsurface scattering (works with raster).


High-Quality Materials

Lumion 2023 comes with 98 new materials that you can use to add realism to your buildings’ surfaces or landscape designs. These include wood, stone, brick, plaster, metal, concrete, asphalt, soil, and grass.

On top of these additions, Lumion 2023 now has an improved glass material that lets you fine-tune every last detail of your project’s windows and other glass surfaces. You can now add a custom texture like relief or frostiness and adjust the distortion to your liking. The new glass material is currently not compatible with ray tracing v0.9.


Expanded content library

Help your clients imagine themselves in your design, with Lumion’s extensive library of lifelike people. Set the scene and show the life in any project, by instantly adding your choice of realistic objects and furniture, whether it’s a plant in the corner of a room, the cars passing by a building, or the wooden finish of a chair.

The new additions to the Lumion content library include: fine-detail nature, 3D static characters, cars, vehicles, and furniture items.

Office chairs

Interior objects

51 new assets, including office chairs, couches, decorative plant pots, and more.

Fine detail nature

24 new plant and tree models from Oceania

3D Characters

100 new static, 3D characters

Improved scene editor

Building your scene is one of the most creative parts of the rendering process. It’s the moment you watch your design take shape and decide how it should look and feel.

With a redesigned interface, Lumion’s scene editor prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. Arrange and rotate your assets with precision using the new gizmo and instantly align objects with the improved AutoSnap feature.

New camera paths

Create animations faster and easier than ever with new camera paths that give you greater control and smoother camera movements:

Follow object ‚Ästlet the camera follow an animated object or character.

Dolly shot ‚Ästmove the camera in any straight line by setting the start and end points.

Orbit path ‚Ästcreate a perfectly smooth camera path by simply setting the camera target, sphere radius, camera height, and start/end point.

Improved color correction

Balance the colors in your scene with greater precision with the new histogram.

Refined depth of field

Draw attention to a specific part of your scene by placing objects in or out of focus with the improved depth of field effect.

Aspect ratios

Control the composition for your visualizations by rendering directly in your preferred aspect ratio. Choose from a range of formats, including square and vertical aspect ratios, and save time cropping your photos and videos post-render.

Top New Features


  • Orthographic view
  • Animated phasing (Pro only)
  • Volume fire (Pro only)
  • Volumetric effect for omni lights (Pro only)
  • Micro shadows form spotlights
  • Metallic car shader (Pro only)
  • New objects (Pro only)
  • OSM satellite (Pro only)
  • Rain streaks (Pro only)
  • Improved grass lighting
  • New materials
  • Custom IES spotlights
  • RAL color picker
  • LiveSync for BrisCAD
  • High quality theater preview
  • Artistic panorama effects
  • Basic tutorials for new users
  • Updated user interface
  • Other workflow improvements

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