Rendering in SketchUp with SU Podium V2.6

Powerful, intuitive, accessible. SU Podium V2.6 empowers anyone to create beautiful, photo-realistic renders from their SketchUp models without the pain and frustration of learning a complex program.

SU Podium runs completely inside SketchUp from start to finish, and makes use of the SketchUp features that you’re already familiar with to achieve impressive results.

SU Podium is intuitive to SketchUp users, easy to grasp for beginners, and the simple interface and versatile presets cut the learning curve to minutes instead of months.

Features and tech

Panoramic rendering

SU Podium has a 360° panoramic camera setting that can be used to create interactive panoramic presentations like the one seen below. Podium creates a 360° equirectangular image (as seen above), which can then be converted into an interactive presentation that can be uploaded to our free panorama server, embedded on a webpage, viewed offline, or even viewed from a VR headset.

HDR image-based rendering

HDR image-based lighting is a new addition to the the SU Podium lighting workflow starting with SU Podium V2.6. This is a versatile lighting option that can be used as an alternative option to the two Podium physical sky simulations. HDR backgrounds images contain realistic luminance and tonal data captured directly from real-world environments, allowing the HDRI to act as both a background and a light source.

Image-based lighting is a versatile, realistic approach to natural lighting, and lets the user easily test a number of different lighting scenarios to choose the one that showcases the project in the best light. Five backgrounds are installed with Podium, but over 30 additional HDRIs can be added from Podium Browser. Here are some projects rendered with a variety of HDRI backgrounds:

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