PlaceMaker Plugin

40 hours of work in 4 minutes! Quick, full of detail and easy to use, the popular PlaceMaker Extension for SketchUp lets you import 3D building massings, road and walk surfaces, high resolution aerials, trees, water and more.


Pain-free FAST import and simplification of high-poly models into SketchUp! Supports FBX, OBJ, STL, DAE, and more.  Skimp is a new professional import extension designed to make it fast and easy to import high-fidelity models into SketchUp!

Profile Builder 3

Lightspeed modeling of smart building materials

Profile Builder 3 takes parametric modelling to the next level.

SU Podium

SU Podium uses a high-end, biased raytracing engine combined with a physical sky system and a set of carefully calibrated presets to make SketchUp rendering straightforward and enjoyable.

IRender nXt

IRender nXt provides seamless SketchUp integration, lighting and material settings makes it easy to render photorealistic images.


The most powerful  Scattering Extension for SketchUp. Render huge amounts of vegetation, quickly populate city blocks, create parametric assemblies, crowds, carpets, you name it…

3skeng – 3D Engineering Software

Innovative & intuitive engineering software for SketchUp

Artisan – Organic Toolset

Subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection tools for artists, designers and landscape architects.

Double Cut

Make SketchUp cutting components (windows, doors) automatically cut through thick walls!  Not only that, if you move the component after inserting it, the double-cut will automatically be updated, saving you valuable time.