Built for Landscape and Garden Designers

RIKCAD is a holistic design solution that’s made especially for landscape, garden, and interior designers. Our innovative platform was created to help you produce realistic designs efficiently.


RIKCAD allows you to get creative with your designs through our software’s flexible modelling features. Transform every space to illustrate the story behind your design ideas.


RIKCAD’s object library contains more than 1,000 2D objects and 3D plants for you to choose from. Explore our library to try out our 5,000+ building materials to find the perfect fit for you landscape/garden design.


RIKCAD’s advanced engine allows designers to render quickly and efficiently. Say goodbye to the struggles of time-consuming renders by utilizing our powerful ViewSTYLE technology to create animated walkthroughs and images to share the details behind your designs.




Wall Surface Greening Tool

Add a pop of color and life to your design by playing with greener surfaces that are perfect for any environment. Decorate indoor spaces like offices, shopping malls, schools, and more with our powerful greening tool. 


Stepping Stones

RIKCAD’s stepping stones feature allows designers to creatively produce more dynamic spaces with a single click. 


3D Grass

Want to make your designs more three dimensional? Leverage our 3D grass add-on! Place the grass into the space that you want, and then configure its color, length, and density.


Hedge Creator

RIKCAD’s hedge creators provides you a wide range of hedges and shrubs to choose from. 


Bedding Plants Creator

Create a beautiful, calming garden by utilizing our comprehensive bedding plants creator. 


Wood Deck

Our CreatorEasily functions allows you to place down a wood deck. Once the deck is settled, you can alter its shape, height, materials etc.


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