Beyond CAD is an efficient visualization software made for civil projects.

If you’ve been searching for a real-time visualization tool to communicate your project’s thoughts and ideas, then Beyond CAD is the perfect choice. 

With Beyond CAD’s intuitive UI, easy to use features, civil-focused asset library, and other core functionalities, you’ll be empowered to create immersive visual experiences that save you both time and money.

Beyond CAD’s features are specifically designed for the civil or transportation professionals in mind. 

Easily import your CAD files, apply the needed textures, populate the space with the right 3D assets, and animate traffic, all within one software! 

Whatever needs you may have for your civil or transportation projects, Beyond CAD can help you impress your clients and win more projects.



Fast and intuitive. Beyond CAD seamlessly integrates into your civil project workflows.

Visualize better. Achieve more. 

Beyond CAD is more than just a visualization software. It helps civil and transportation experts tell the right visual stories through indicators like path arrows, area highlights, text labels, asset highlights, and image imports. 

Complete all the necessary post-production work on one platform. Say goodbye to those days of tedious processes. 


Your designs like never before

With Beyond CAD, it’s easier than ever to provide your clients, stakeholders, and shareholders a unique experience as a way to showcase your design in its the best form.


Interactive Visual Experiences

Driving Simulator

The driving simulator allows you to review your projects by dropping you into your design. Easily switch between build mode and driving mode, toggle between vehicles in real-time, and connect your XBOX controller for a more hands-on encounter.

First and Third Person Perspectives

Because Beyond CAD is powered by Unreal Engine, you can effortlessly toggle between first and third perspective. Enjoy the world you’ve designed in the best way possible–through your own eyes. 

Advanced Traffic System

Beyond CAD’s advanced traffic system is unheard of for photorealistic visualization. We know how hard it is to simulate realistic traffice, so we made it easy for you to showcase a variety of traffic types and scenarios.

Asset Library

Our engine comes with a large asset library that’s specifically built for infrastructure projects. Among the 1,400+ assets, you’ll be able to find traffic control devices, road sections, trees, rocks, landscaping features, construction equipment, bridge sections, and much more. 

Camera Effects

Set the tone of your visualization project by leveraging Beyond CAD’s amazing camera effects and features in real-time. Control your environments by setting the field of view, depth of field, contrast, saturation, and more. Within minutes, you can lock your settings into 1 of 5 presets and switch between them.

Asset Creation Tools

Need to demonstrate your project in the city or country you’re designing it in? Now you can immediately customize your own signs like billboards, street signs, roadside signs, etc., all in real-time.

4D Phasing

Tag and adjust your project phases to every import or library asset. Leverage our Gantt Chart system to set proper project timelines. Implement Beyond CAD’s dynamic phasing to organize and present phase alternatives for easy communication.


Time by cutting down workflows

With Beyond CAD, you’ll be able to save more time by cutting down on unnecessary workflows. Create contextual environments, populate your scenes, and capture cinematic videos, all in one engine.

Bounding Box

Creating the full contextual environment for projects can be time-consuming and costly. The Bounded Boxes help cut out the unfinished surroundings by focusing on the sections that matter.

Media Sequencer

Beautiful visualizations often require many steps to reach the final result. Beyond CAD helps you cut out those inefficient workflows by providing a built-in media sequencer. Set your camera angles, trim clips, and add text, then render out the final! It’s that easy.

Placement Tools

Polyline Placement

The polyline tool is the asset placement tool infrastructure projects have been begging for. Place construction barriers around a corner, set street lights up a winding road, or arrange houses in a cul-de-sac with the appropriate curvature. Adjust the gap size and variation, base rotation, random rotation, random offset, and much more.

Line Placement

The line tool can provide easy functionality and efficiency due to the variety of settings available with gap size, base rotation, random rotation, random offset and more.

Brush Tool

The brush placement tool enables you to quickly and efficiently place assets that follow terrain elevation. Adjust the brush width, spawn gaps, tweak frequencies, and set the min/max scale for variety.

Single Asset Tool

The single asset tool comes with a z-axis that allows for easy object placement. 


Beyond CAD's Core Functionalities

Beyond CAD is built on the framework of Unreal Engine, so we’ve turned the platform into an accessible and capable 3D visualization engine that’s perfect for civil engineering projects. 

Mesh Import

Beyond CAD supports: .fbx, .obj, dxf, .xml, .gltf, .blend, .3ds, .ase, .ifc, .xgl, .zgl, .ply, .iwo, .iws, .ixo, .stl, .x, .ac, .ms3d, .cob, .scn, .bvh, .csm, .q3o, and.q3s.

Surface Texture

Configure textures by scale, hue, brightness, reflectivity, etc. to get your designs just right. If you want to import your own custom textures, you can apply photorealistic textures to surfaces. 

Hierarchy Organization

Every asset or imported 3D file will be automatically added to Beyond CAD’s hierarchy. With this feature, you can easily drag and drag items for better organization.

Environmental System

Control the time of day, the direction of the sun, the clouds, the weather, and HDRI, all within Beyond CAD.

Render System

Create image cameras, leverage customizable video camera angles, and render out in 4K output.

Get Beyond CAD today.