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3skeng* is our 3D Engineering extension for Trimble SketchUp. If you like SketchUp you will like 3skeng. This extension is as intuitive as SketchUp and phenomenal easy to learn. 3skeng has a large professional functional range:

3skeng is an extension for the design and documentation of MEP and 3D piping and steel structures.
Are you an engineerplannerHVAC installer or pipe fitterarchitect working in the building technology-, waste water-, electronics-, oil-, semiconductor-, solar-, opto-electronics-, energy-, chemical-, life science-, petrochemical-, water treatment-, food-, biochemical-, pharmaceutical-, ship building-industry?
Is design, engineering or installation of piping-, steelwork-, electrical tray– mounting-, ventilation-, or exhaust systems part of your work?
If yes, then 3skeng is the best choice for you!

* 3skeng pronunciation: “3” as the number three from 3D, “sk” as the first two letters from SketchUp and “eng” as the first syllable from “Engineering”.


3skeng Tools – Easy and intuitive

You only need to know the basic functions of SketchUp and you will be able to handle any of our “3skeng tools” in a heartbeat. Focus your energy on your projects with an engineering software solution that is easy and intuitive to handle.

Learn more about the available 3skeng for SketchUp tools and features:

3skeng AR Tool

 3skeng List Tool

3skeng Pipe Tool and 3skeng Pipe Libraries

3skeng Mount Tool and 3skeng Mount Libraries

3skeng Steelwork Tool

 3skeng Channel Tool

Features & Functions shared by 3skeng tools.

3skeng AR (Augmented Reality) Tool

We have been successfully using SketchUp & 3skeng tools for 3D designs for over a decade now!
But ever since the very first release of the Microsoft HoloLens, we felt the huge potential to optimize the very challenging phase of 3D designs becoming reality: construction management!
Driven by that vision, we developed 3skeng AR as a tool for both SketchUp and the HoloLens to bring 3D designs into (Augmented) Reality!

“3skeng AR” requires both the app for your Microsoft HoloLens (3skeng AR App) and the extension for SketchUp. The paid license for the 3skeng AR app (for Microsoft HoloLens) includes the license for the 3skeng AR extension for SketchUp (works with SketchUp 2019 and 2020).

What makes 3skeng AR such a powerful solution for augmented reality applications?

 The 3skeng AR app (on the HoloLens) requires no gestures during standard use!
      The use is therefore intuitive and user-friendly to an extremely high degree.

 3skeng AR can work offline! WiFi and cloud-access is not required!

 3skeng AR allows multiple HoloLens users to look at and discuss the same model!

 3skeng AR allows location reference of your SketchUp model with reality!

 3skeng AR allows walkthroughs through complex, huge and heavy models!
     This is achieved by breaking up big models into smaller ones that the HoloLens can handle.

 3skeng AR allows the use of 1:1 (real size) and table-top (scaled) models!

3skeng List Tool

3skeng List adds spreadsheet capabilities to SketchUp. Our brand-new extension allows you to interact and work with SketchUp entities in data-based views. List, filter, sort and multi-edit. Create a bill of materials, a parts list or a report and export it to Excel (.XLSX).

Single Monitor Arrangement

Multi Monitor Arrangement – Click picture to enlarge.
(Swiss Army Knife model made by Benjamin Weir)

Work more efficiently with 3skeng List

Powerful and interactive filtering, sorting and editing features help you to work most efficiently even in very large models. 3skeng List is not only helpful for editing element properties but also for making both complex and large selections that might be impossible to make otherwise. The spreadsheet view is always in sync with the 3D model. Changing data within 3skeng List (e.g. coordinates or name properties) results in immediate changes in the SketchUp model and vice versa! Sub-Selections are highlighted interactively in the 3D view.

3skeng List keeps your model clean

3skeng List was designed to support professionals in their everyday work. It is packed with features that help to keep the model clean or find and solve errors. You can find duplicate entities, convert multiple groups to components or replace multiple components with another component of the selection. Round coordinates to the precision you prefer. Having a clean model is the foundation for high quality results.

3skeng List exports your meta data

Of course, all spreadsheet views can be exported nicely formatted to Excel (.xlsx file format), or copied as plain text directly to the clipboard. You can use the definition, instance, layer and material names to add custom data columns to your components (by using the character “^” as separator in the names). Save your filter and column settings in customized list views to reuse them for repeating work. Tip: Referencing exported Excel spreadsheets in prepared Excel templates or in Trimble Layout gives you a fluent workflow for fast and reliable report generation!

The combination of powerful selection means, almost limitless sort and edit possibilities and sophisticated reporting options make “3skeng List” an invaluable tool for everyone who wants to outperform with their SketchUp models!

Keywords: List, Selection, Filter, Randomize, Round, Sort, Meta, Data, Edit, Multiedit, Zoom, Duplicates, Quality, Clean, Spreadsheet, Formulas, Hide, Lock, Volume, Area, Excel, Export, Report, BOM, Bill of Materials, Parts List, XLSX, CSV

3skeng Pipe Tool

We put the “Pipe Tool” to many “real life” tests, constantly work to improve it and enable it to handle our biggest and most complex pipeline and round ductwork designs.

“Pipe Tool” using the conceptual mode
All you need to model conceptual pipelines is integrated in this tool.

Pipes, T-pieces, Y-pieces, reducers as well as elbows are generated and connected together in a smooth workflow with only few mouse-clicks.

You have access to the most common standards (ANSI, ASME, ISO EN and JIS) and determine the dimensions of fittings with only a few clicks. Magnetic points and a memory function are powerful parts of the tool and assist you in the process.


“Pipe Tool” using the detail mode
The detail mode brings 3D piping design to a whole new level.

The access to detail mode (switchable in the 3skeng client) allows you to use libraries with dimensions that are available on the market. Detailed pipe libraries are available on the library page.

The embedded auto-pipe function helps you to connect 3skeng components and allows you to select one of the possible configurations. Auto-Pipe is available for both conceptual and detail mode.

3skeng Pipe Libraries

Following the conceptual design, you can use 3skeng Pipe in “Detail mode” to handle and create detail design. You can select from many libraries for piping systems of various materials, connection types and standards (ANSI, EN and DIN). Within the 3skeng extension, you can choose and add only those libraries you actually need for your project

The purchase of any library not only includes the use for one year (starting at purchase) but also potential updates and extensions! Any purchase is a one-time payment and no recurring subscription! You can extend necessary libraries anytime (this will add another year) or reactivate them after expiration – however your work or project requires!

After the purchase of a library, the required data is transferred to your local 3skeng database on your computer. That way you can use 3skeng in “detail mode” at any time, also offline, without any constraints!

Elements of detail libraries contain all information for an exact detail design:

The libraries contain more than 40,000 elements in total. Every single element was designed by our library team specifically for 3skeng. It is very important for us to design the elements based on work and render efficency.

By using the tools 3skeng Label and 3skeng List, you can label detail elements of your designs and generate bills of materials with just a few clicks. All data for description, size, material and, if available, weight are taken from your local 3skeng database.

NEW: Selected libraries for 3skeng 2019 now include the information “manufacturer” and “order number”, usable with 3skeng Label and 3skeng List.

Label Tool with manufacturer information

List Tool with manufacturer information
in SketchUp and Microsoft Excel

Plastic Libraries

Imperial and metric libraries:
CPVC, PE-HD, PVC-C and Fiberglass based on ANSI, EN and DIN standards.
NEW: These libraries include manufacturer parts and order numbers:
PE (+GF+ ecoFIT),
PP (+GF+ PROGEF Standard),
PVDF (+GF+ SYGEF Standard)

Ductile Iron Libraries

Imperial libraries based on AWWA standards with flanged, grooved and mechanical joint connections.

Steel and Stainless Steel Libraries

Imperial and metric libraries based on ANSI, EN and DIN standards.

Steel Libraries (Grooved Pipe Joining)

Imperial and metric libraries.

Sprinkler Library (Grooved Pipe Joining)

(Requires the library “Grooved Pipe System 2-12in”)

Imperial and metric library.

Stainless Steel (Pure Use) Library

Imperial library for Quick Connect, Clampring and VCR connections.

Ventilation and Exhaust Duct

Imperial and metric Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel libraries.

Copper Library

Metric library.

High Vacuum Piping Libraries

Metric libraries for ISO-KF, ISO-K, ISO-F and CF/UHV connection.

3skeng Mount Tool

The “Mount Tool” works with libraries that include real life channel profiles, proper fittings, supports and more.

The “Mount tool” enables you to design secondary/support steelwork the same easy and intuitive way you are used to from 3skeng tools.

The “Mount Tool” recognizes “3skeng Pipe” elements and assists by a) proper pre-selection from the available variety of pipe and duct clips and b) auto-alignment of rotation, position and elevation simply by double-click.

The “Mount Tool” also recognizes “3skeng Steelwork” elements to correctly attach supports to the top of steel beam flanges and beam clamps to the side of steel beam flanges.

The “Mount Tool” and its libraries give you access to roller bearings, pipe-clips, -clamps, -straps and -shoes is therefore a powerful companion for both the “Pipe Tool” and “Steelwork Tool”. Being able to consider pipe and duct supports closes a major design gap and finally allows your designs to actually become reality.

“Mount Tool”
All you need to draw secondary/support steelwork models with channel profiles, proper fittings, supports and more.

A memory function assists you in the process.

Available libraries allow you to choose from different channel types.

3skeng Mount Libraries

Mount libraries have been created based on market available channel profiles, proper fittings, supports and cantilever arms. Roller bearings, Pipe-clips, -clamps, -straps and -shoes fully integrate “3skeng Pipe” elements in your secondary/support steelwork designs. A ready-to-install bill of material (BOM) is just a few clicks away.
Get detailed information about the libraries’ content in pdf-files available in the client of the 3skeng software (after installation and activation). Here you can also buy libraries to add to your 3skeng work environment. Libraries can be used for one year (starting from day of purchase).

C-Channel Library

C-channels, fittings, supports and system-specific pipe supports.

O-Channel Library

Heavy Duty O-channels, fittings, supports and system-specific pipe supports.

3skeng Steelwork Tool

All you need to draw Steelwork models with straight and chamfered segments. The segments can be connected by nodes. An extensive built-in library allows you to choose from many different standards from all over the world.

Structural Analysis of your 3skeng Steelwork designs

The latest version of 3skeng Steelwork allows you to design trusses based on their centerlines and analyze the quality of the model (e.g. “loose” connections) with 3skeng List. Using the “IFC Structural Analysis View” export you can directly transfer the structural analytical model of your design without losing any semantics in your BIM process.

Quality control of the design, e.g. unprecise connection / node.

Access the analytical model and control the quality

The structural analytical model will be derived from the 3skeng Steelwork entities within your drawing and its centerlines and nodes are displayed with their structural properties. In addition, an automatic design check is carried out. All parts of the model that are inconsistent with static considerations are highlighted. Check your model, find and resolve problems of your structural design.

Interoperability and efficient structural design with open BIM

Connect your SketchUp 3skeng model with structural analysis. The open file format IFC allows to transfer the structural analysis model of your 3skeng Steelwork construction to any structural analysis application that supports the “IFC Structural Analysis View” model view definition.

First results of the statical analysis with Dlubal RFEM.

3skeng and Dlubal RFEM / RSTAB

The “IFC Structural Analysis View” file is formatted for optimized import into Dlubal RFEM or RSTAB. The data exchange keeps the “intelligence” of the objects: It means a column, or a beam is replaced by a similar object in RFEM, not only by a group of lines. Information about cross-sections and releases that is contained in 3skeng Steelwork is transferred as well.

Workflow for structural analysis with SketchUp & 3skeng and Dlubal RFEM

The following video gives an overview of the workflow from the SketchUp model with 3skeng Steelwork design, quality control of the design, 3skeng IFC export, Dlubal RFEM import, load assignment and first results of the statical analysis.

3skeng Channel Tool

We put the “Channel Tool” to many “real life” tests, constantly work to improve it and enable it to handle our biggest and most complex rectangular ductwork designs.

“Channel Tool”

All you need to draw Channel models is integrated in only one tool.
Straight channels, t-pieces, reducers (also changeover to round for (required) pipe tool) and elbows (round and square) are generated and connected together in a smooth workflow with only few mouse-clicks.
You determine channel dimensions and lengths with only a few clicks. Magnetic points and a memory function are powerful parts of the tool and assist you in the process.

3skeng Features for Tool

We checked our workflow looking for design helpers we use on a regular basis and that are not available for our users. We came up with a bundle of useful productivity icons and are happy to introduce the “3s Style View” toolbar with the release of 3skeng 2019 (available after installation and activation of 3skeng 2019)!

The following features are available for active tool licenses (demo and full version) and make it very easy to apply changes, add labels and create bills of material (BOM).

3skeng Client
This control interface is the hub that gives you access to tools, libraries, standards, settings and a comprehensive context sensitive tutor. In parallel with the workflow the client supports you by giving options to choose from and detailed information – whenever needed and necessary.
Add tools and libraries, select standards, adjust settings or watch the tutorials without ever having to interrupt your workflow.

Edit and Rotate
This tool helps you to modify the model in all feasible degrees of freedom. The speed of the tool allows you show changes and suggestions live in meetings – without anyone losing interest!
The tool is intuitive in a way that nearly follows your ideas by itself. Use magnetic points for reference or the input of numeric values in the familiar SketchUp way.

Works with 3skeng Pipe, Mount, Steelwork and Channel.

With this tool you can rearrange or copy already generated Pipeline elements. Magnetic points will help you to connect the elements exactly aligned to the pipe center and direction.
“Multicopy”: All selected elements stay glued to the mouse until you press “Escape”.

Works with 3skeng Pipe, Mount and Channel.

This tool enables you to add text labels to groups and components. Various adjustable parameters allow individual adaptations to the particular label task at hand.
During the automated alignment you determine the position and distance of the labels. Future changes can be made in no time at all.

Works with all 3skeng elements.

The List Tool received a major redevelopment and ended up being a powerful stand-alone tool that bridges the gap between the two worlds of SketchUp and Excel and brings them together as one.

Pipe, Mount, Steelwork and Channel come with the List features for their (tool-specific) elements.

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